TOTEMS has learning circles and group rituals , ceremonies and practices that all individuals can play a integral part of. TOTEMS is an Australian,South East Queensland based Shamanic group that provides not just spiritual resources, but prides itself as being an integrated holistic vanguard for those who identify as male . We have a non- hierarchical structure of three Orders with grades, this will be entwined with Shadow Work and Rites of passage that help members find a healthy balance between their masculinity and femininity, to grow and evolve.
The warrior, The Shaman, The Magician, The Warlock, The Hero,  all different archetypes  of same the spectrum. Each life is different , each is on different sections of the path. Hunger in one, may not exist in another. One may feel time is limited and running out, another may feel what may come, comes. But it is the balance in ones own self and true motivation that is the key. Only those who are limited can't and must hold onto there grasp of what they consider to be true philosophy are just dogmatic. Those that can move from there centers and travel in many directions and shift their centers are truly free


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TOTEMS is an Australian esoteric Temple, that dwells in different paths, pantheons  and paradigms!

One must face themselves and bleach the infections, dissect and start the anatomization process so they can release their full potential. TOTEMS will help guide it's members to achieve.

We are a Tribe and Shamanic Order that value the advancement and preservation of the self, glorification of the Spiritual, and personal power over their own lives, nature and to discover, become and evolve towards Apotheosis  and understanding the divine nature of the universe, Gods and Goddesses.